Angel Carlos

The fear, typical of mortals, came that afternoon after saying yes to the school principal. But duty and gratitude outweigh any fear, confesses with extreme humility the young Ángel Carlos Feria Pérez, a teacher at the Osvaldo Herrera primary school, in Vázquez.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- For a week, together with other teachers, he has been working in the Red Zone of the Guillermo Domínguez López hospital, a unit that assists suspected patients for COVID-19, in the province.

"We have the means of protection to take care of ourselves, but if we do not step forward and we all fight, we will not beat the disease," he warns through social networks.

“Here we do anything, we clean floors, surfaces; we are not embarrassed to tell it, because it is the best way to be useful,” he says with that jovial simplicity that distinguishes him.

The family, like him, was initially afraid, but given the teacher's disposition they understood and now supports him through phone calls, there is no lack of advice and kisses, those that resonate in the distance.

Ángel Carlos invites, along with Silvio Rodríguez, to believe when he says future, because this fight is for life.