Lariza while teaching the girls

The terrace of the Bejerano Marrero family is small. It is the anteroom to a splendid courtyard where you can spend hours, listening to funny stories or sharing in the purest Creole atmosphere.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- A space that Laritza dominates at her whim and which she decided, in the middle of the COVID-19, to transform into a classroom for his little girl and the mischievous twins from the house next door.

They are in the same saloon in the Amiguitos del Minint childcare center, studying in preschool. And the psychologist who inhabits this young mother knows that this is a strength to continue the teaching process at home in times of pandemic.

They get there, up to the terrace, for an hour in the mornings from Monday to Friday. They wear their masks, and separate chairs await them. Despite the physical distance, they smile. Because these are successful times; and looking at us, helping us and accompanying us are among the most valuable in existence.

Laritza knows it. She recently finished her master's degree and works in the República de Chile semi-boarding school, in this city. The teaching sprouts from her, how not to help then during this situation? Hers is also a brave attitude.

“We decided to make teaching devices and means, to ask the grade teachers what content they were giving to review here. Thus, we ended up in the middle of a kind of study house. I make the materials for the three girls, I prepare the family so that they know how to use them, I explain what I teach them in each class and then we do it with the girls.

“We use the materials that are used in the grade, as well as words composers, modeling clay, colored pencils, crayons, notebooks, tempera. We use everything so that they do not lose the link and think that they are in their classroom.

“I use recyclable resources: for example, a composer came out of a cardboard box. I also made a group of tables in which they are able to put different sets and distinguish what quantities there are. I urge parents to be creative. It is time to help our children learn and be better.”