Dr. Adriana CeraWhen I saw her in the first group of professionals to combat the COVID-19 at the Guillermo Domínguez López General Teaching Hospital, in Puerto Padre, a flurry of images invaded me, of that girl who, hand in hand with her "Tita", ran the spaces of the radio station Libertad.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- The admiration comes since that time. Insightful and very respectful, Adrianita shared with everyone, sometimes she was interested in knowing about trades, others just watching; but each journey was a world of confabulation with Alicia, her aunt.

She did not change with growth and remained very diligent focused on her purposes. Adriana Cera Jiménez materialized the dream of the entire family upon graduating as a doctor with excellent results, which allowed her to specialize in Surgery.

Knowing that “her hospital” would become a center for confronting the new coronavirus, he did not think about it much, she felt that she was underused and could give more, so she would be one of the first. Her mother says that she found support at home and the community nurse took care of Grandma Alicia's cures, a daily mission to which Adrianita adds pampering that becomes unique to relieve pain.

In her luggage, "the girl of the family carried everything". She, who is generous, would share it with her colleagues. She was aware of her teacher Lastre, diabetic, and of the "lady" who needed pajamas.

WhatsApp and Messenger became complicit and allowed us live with her that war against death in the Red Zone. Successes and misfortunes of the long days passed from her keyboard to my screen with much lyricism. She, who is an icon of simplicity and kindness, a heritage of good parenting, faced with courage the vicissitudes and became stronger.

Now, she is in isolation at the Las Tunas Hotel in compliance with the established protocol, and from there she confirms that when necessary, she will return to the hospital, to the red zone, because it is the place where she finds the most beautiful expression of doing good for human existence.