COVID-19 in Las Tunas

A 63-year-old patient, a resident in La Boca, Puerto Padre, was informed today as positive to COVID-19 by the Ministry of Public Health, bringing the number of confirmed persons in this part of the Cuban geography to 15.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The citizen maintained close contact (father-in-law) with the young pregnant woman from Delicias, who tested positive on April 24. After the result, he was transferred to the province of Holguín and maintains a good general condition without respiratory symptoms.

During the focus control, 15 people were isolated, five of them in the community and the rest in the isolation center where he was a suspect.

Regarding the 21-year-old pregnant woman, it was known that she is also evolving favorably. Dr. Osmara López Borrero, head of the Maternal and Child section, comments that the girl was 18 weeks and four days of gestation at the time of confirmation, and she was in an isolation center because she was the contact of a previously diagnosed patient, also from Delicias.

López explains measures are being taken that in the province to avoid the contagion among pregnant women and children, especially children under one year of age.
She said that pregnant women at risk with a time of pregnancy of more than 26 weeks or associated diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus ..., are monitored in a ward set up for this purpose in the Ernesto Guevara de la Serna hospital.

"Those who do not have risky health conditions and their gestation period does not exceed 26 weeks are admitted to isolation centers, as was the case of the 21-year-old pregnant."

Health authorities report that the other patients from the province also show no warning signs. The Italian citizen detected in the community of Guayacán, municipality of “Jesús Menéndez” last March and already recovered, joined the local confirmed statistics. For that reason, there are 15 diagnosed cases here.

So far 61 suspicious people remain in Isolation centers and another 328, contacts of possible patients, are in premises prepared for that purpose. A total of 138 health professionals are in rest facilities after serving at these sites.

Yesterday, 174 real-time PCR results were received and one was positive. There were also applied 23 rapid diagnostic tests for a total of 3,098. It was also known that 203 thousand 249 residents were investigated by Primary Health Care, and 61 were detected with respiratory symptoms.

Las Tunas continues among the provinces with the lowest incidence rate in the country; Reason to trust? No. The course of the disease in the coming days will depend on the fulfillment of the hygienic and distancing measures. Staying at home is the only and best option to eradicate COVID-19.