Guillermo Domínguez hospital, in Puerto Padre

The Guillermo Domínguez Hospital, in Puerto Padre, is enlisting as a center for admission and treatment of the positive cases of the COVID-19 in the province of Las Tunas, since until now they have cared in Holguín.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The preparation of the medical personnel, the completion of equipment and minor repairs to the building are among the main actions they undertake. A floor of the enclosure dedicated to the hospitalization of people with acute respiratory infections (ARIS) will soon begin to be used.

Such details came out at the Monday meeting of the Provincial Defense Council, in which its president, Manuel Pérez Gallego, pointed out various aspects, including the increase in capacities in facilities to be used in case the disease increases, although 573 residents are attended in the existing ones. He also announced the approval of the Las Tunas Hotel as a rest center for medical personnel attending to the epidemic in the territory.

It was reported that sanitation in neighborhoods and communities is underway to avoid the disease, as well as the sale of chlorine at 171 points to continue improving distribution in the eight municipalities.

When evaluating the distribution of food products, I was said that they are working to end the month with a 15-pound per capita of food, fruit and vegetables and that the municipality of Jesús Menéndez marks the forefront with more than 27; meanwhile, the most lagging are Manatí with 7.2 and Majibacoa with 8.7. In addition, 59.2 percent of the family nuclei have received different regulated deliveries of lines from the food industries, and the sale of the pound of chicken per consumer will end this week.

Regarding the distribution of water to the population, they noted that it has improved in the capital city with the support of tank trucks for supply to the neighborhoods with difficulties, as well as to the communities affected by the intense drought and the repair of the Birama pipeline, in the city of Jobabo.

When delving into energy consumption, they defined actions to close the month with a more favorable situation, despite the fact that the province is in a good position.