Dr. Ronald Hernández  is also a Member of Honor of the Union of Cuban Journalists

Ronald Hernández Torres, a member of the Henry Reeve Brigade, who participated in the fight against Ebola in West Africa in 2014, offered his reflections on the new coronavirus, causing COVID-19, based on his experience in an event of similar scope.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Hernández Torres, who is currently in Venezuela on an internationalist mission, told the Cuban News Agency, through communication via social media, that the proliferation of the new coronavirus has reflected weaknesses in the health systems of the countries, especially since not all the population has access to health care.

Capitalist medicine may have many resources and technologies, but it is at a disadvantage in the human factor, and the battle is lost there, said the doctor from Las Tunas who shook all of Cuba when simultaneously fighting the Ebola in Liberia, he served as a volunteer correspondent for six months.

Ronald, who thoughtfully attended the ACN's request to express his considerations in the face of this imminent danger, pointed out that Cuba’s National Health System, accessible, free and with coverage of one hundred percent of the population through the Family Doctor and Nurse Program, must serve as an example of how to act in a case like this.

In terms of prevention, much can be done, the main thing is the training of all health personnel, decisive in attending to cases that come with any symptoms, but also of the population in general, he said.

Preparation of hygienic measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 is imposed, but only the fact of keeping the people informed from the first moment, and that prevention capacity, is an example of the political will of our Government and the Cuban Communist Party to protect at all costs the health of the population.

Ronald's messages include the greeting "for the troops of the Union of Journalists of Cuba in Las Tunas", of which he was named a Member of Honor, for keeping the people informed through Facebook, during his missions as a member of the Henry Reeve Brigade.

The internationalist work carried out by this contingent and all Cuban professionals in various countries of the world give Cuba a great advantage, for the preparation received, for carrying out that work of infinite love that is Medicine and for the experience that serves us. Now to apply all the biosecurity measures when caring for a patient, caring for ourselves and preparing the population to face the disease, he concluded.