255 people are kept in isolation centers in the province

With the two new positives for COVID-19 reported on Friday, the province maintains the trend towards the diagnosis of autochthonous cases since there are 62 out of a total of 70 confirmed in the last 15 days.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- One of those reported today belongs to the focus of the Dr. Carlos Font Pupo nursing home in this city, which is why there are already 10 sick people, three workers and seven grandparents in the health facility. This 75-year-old man has no symptoms of the disease.

Likewise, a 54-year-old Cuban citizen, who resides in the municipality of “Jesús Menéndez,” specifically in El Batey, in the Health area of the Mario Pozo polyclinic, was diagnosed. He is also asymptomatic and is a contact of a confirmed case.

The provincial capital continues in phase three of the recovery stage, with an unfavorable behavior compared to the province. Today, nine outbreaks are monitored, three from the Health area of the Gustavo Aldereguía polyclinic, one from the “Guillermo Tejas”, four from the “Manuel (Piti) Fajardo”; and one from the “Alberto Arcos Luque”, in the town of Bartle.

Health personnel here also keep 69 travelers under epidemiological surveillance; of them, 39 in the community, who were discharged from isolation centers and hotels with negative first and second PCR tests.

Another 255 people are kept in isolation centers in the province; and 13 symptomatic diagnosed receive assistance at the Fermín Valdés Domínguez hospital, in Holguín. Almost a year after the start of the pandemic, the province counts 30,566 PCR carried out; 367 results are pending, all with less than 72 hours of taking. Of the 420 positive cases, 146 have been imported -16 from Venezuela and 130 from other countries- and 274 autochthonous, with two deaths - for a death rate of 0.47 percent.