Activities are carried out with maximum compliance with the hygienic-sanitary measures

In the Carlos Font Pupo home for the elderly, in this city, the alarms are still active against COVID-19 despite being almost in the final stretch of the transmission focus that reported 12 people as positive, eight of the internal elderly and four workers.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Barely two rings to the telephone number of the center's management confirms it, there is no rest when two of “our old men” remain hospitalized in the Fermín Valdés Domínguez hospital, in the province of Holguín; although it can be said that with success and without complications, eight of the sick people are already discharged.

Mayelín Velázquez Pérez, secretary of the institution, told the Cuban News Agency that as a result of the adopted measures from the moment the outbreak was confirmed, it is already known that the PCRs carried out on the rest of the staff who were in the institution tested negative.

Also, although support personnel was not needed to control the epidemiological situation in the "Carlos Font", three medical professionals did move from other health areas to collaborate at this time, a team that was consolidated in the constant and specialized care to each of the 149 elderly people who reside here, she stressed.

Among the strict actions that are undertaken in the institution are the limitations of access, mobility, and exit abroad, decisions that have been very well received by relatives of the “grandparents,” to guarantee that the disease does not spread and become endangering nobody else's life.

The telephone practically does not stop - she added - because it is inevitable that there is a concern, although trust in our health personnel and the care they receive prevails.

These days, at the "Carlos Font Pupo", in Las Tunas, contact between workers and the elderly is avoided, routines have changed a bit, and talks, domino games and other activities are carried out with maximum compliance with the hygienic-sanitary measures, everything that is needed so that soon this will be a COVID-19 free center again.