The active health inquiry  continues

In the coming days, more severe epidemiological control measures will be taken against the new coronavirus pandemic in the capital of Las Tunas province. This was revealed in the meeting of the Temporary Working Group of the Government.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The governing body assured that these steps will be timely announced through the media of this territory since the necessary details must first be adjusted to guarantee that their entry into force affects as little as possible the operation of production, the teaching process, and essential services.

In recent weeks, the provincial capital has continued increasing its incidence rate of positive autochthonous cases to SARS-CoV-2 per 100,000 inhabitants. That indicator closed on Sunday at 35.6 when that of the entire province is 18, and it has maintained an upward trend during the 21 since the beginning of the year. The main municipal demarcation of Las Tunas also concentrates 29 of the 36 active transmission foci. Those existing in the health areas of the Gustavo Aldereguía polyclinic stand out; although the Public Health specialists estimated that none will reach the range of a local transmission event.

Without the announced organizational adjustments being completed, the reduction in public transport to and from the provincial capital is perceptible. The General Passenger and Cargo Transport Company (CARDINAL) has limited the trips of its usual routes only at the beginning and end of each day. Likewise, the local Temporal Group directed the different agencies, organizations and companies that will continue to restrict the unnecessary movement of their workers and managers.

On Monday, the University of Las Tunas reported - from its official Facebook page - that as of April, there will be no face-to-face classes. The institution, it was clarified, will continue to be open and functioning, but its teaching processes will occur through digital platforms.

The authorities of the municipality of Las Tunas indicated the closure of the bars and that establishments of the Gastronomy network only offer their products through the takeaway modality; as well as the dispensed beer sale points. Previously, sanitary controls had been strengthened at the accesses to the province and the health inquiry was expanded to all its neighborhoods or rural communities.

Since mid-February, the municipality of Las Tunas regressed to the third phase of the post-COVID-19 recovery period, while the rest of the province remains in the new normal, a status that only governs in this Cuban province.