Kindness and courage against the new coronavirus at isolation center in Las Tunas

My neighbor from the second floor is in the red zone of an isolation center in Las Tunas, helping with her arms, and her positive mind, to face the COVID-19 disease and the fears that always come due to the harshness of that evil.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- She does not know - we have not told her - but, in the building, we are all excited because, although her face is hidden behind a mask, we know that the smile that she constantly gives is kept alive on her lips.

Ana María Acosta Torres is a good woman, a friend of all and an insurmountable cook, a permanent partygoer, and very supportive of those who need her. That is why she wanted to go help, be useful, give a little of herself, as others have helped her loved ones.

“I came out of my own conviction, nobody pressured me. A few weeks ago, six of my co-workers at the University of Las Tunas were contacts of a positive case and they were isolated here.

Kindness and courage against the new coronavirus at isolation center in Las Tunas

"So, I considered it fair to reward the efforts of other people, also workers at the center, who cared for them, and made them feel calm and confident."

She is honest and she claims that she felt fear. Even she still feels it, because SARS-CoV-2 is a very aggressive virus. Fortunately, fear abounds with responsibility.

“Protection is the most important thing. Fortunately, all the conditions are created to safeguard the health and life of those of us who are facing this task.”

“Together, we take care and help each other. We are almost a family, although we have lived together just for a few days.”
Ana is on the Lenin campus of the Las Tunas University and, next to her, ten other brave people challenge the new coronavirus since any of the isolated patients can be infected.

“We are eight professors and three students from the Faculty of Education Sciences. We are divided into two groups. The women do the cleaning and the men are in charge of bringing the food to the different areas of the residence.

“When ten days have passed, we will leave the institution and go to a rest center, where we will be isolated until verify, through a PCR test, that we are not sick. Then we'll go home.”

Here, we await her with the affection of always, multiplied by much pride. Her return will be an explosion of gratitude for her willingness to give without receiving, to heal others' wounds.

Congratulations!! May all the care be effective so that not even the shadow of a virus hurts so much goodness!