Sanitary measures are strengthened in Las Tunas

From this Friday, health controls will be tightened in areas of the Santos district, in the city of Las Tunas, and at the access points to this municipality, the Temporary Group of the Provincial Government for the prevention and control of COVID-19 reported.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Meanwhile, the Health authorities confirmed the presence here of the variant of SARS-CoV-2 identified in South Africa, much more contagious.

As of this April 16, from 6:00 in the afternoon, state and private-public services will be limited in the areas surrounding the popularly known Buena Vista Tank, and in others where people tend to gather in that area of the city.

At the same time, the Temporary Group anticipated, they will reinforce epidemiological surveillance within the neighborhood in buildings 12, 13, 27; as well as on Calle 35, which so far have added more than 10 positive cases to the new coronavirus in recent days. In the surroundings of these buildings and streets, the mobility of people will be severely restricted.

Representatives of the Administration Council assured that the inhabitants of the closed areas will be provided with food and other necessities.

Likewise, the governing body reiterated, the severe restriction measures in force since last week in the town of Bartle are maintained, whose incidence rate of new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last 15 days continues to be the highest among all the health areas of the province.

COVID-19 in Las Tunas

In the daily meeting of the Temporary Work Group, Yordanis Pupo Pérez, director of Health in this municipality, confirmed the presence in Las Tunas soil of the variant of the new coronavirus identified in South Africa, which - he reminded - is much more contagious than the previous ones. That news, he concluded, should serve to maximize the measures of use of the facemask, sanitization of hands and surfaces, and physical distancing.

On Thursday, the second week of April ended with a total of 119 new cases of COVID-19, a figure much higher than those seen in similar periods of January, February, and March; another unequivocal sign of the rebound of the disease, which also affects the land of Vicente García.

In the meeting, it was also announced that from this Friday the prerogative that the directors of local companies or institutions had to issue letters of authorization for their personnel to travel to and from the provincial capital will be without effect. Now, only the Transportation Company along with local governments will be empowered to grant these permits. Neither, the Group indicated, may control visits or other tours be carried out outside the territorial capital.