In the Aguilera District, a community transmission event was declared. Photo: Reynaldo López

The municipality of Las Tunas presents the most complex epidemiological situation in the province, with an increase in the last 15 days of COVID-19 positive cases, especially of the autochthonous, which accumulate 185, for an incidence rate of 129.2 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Yordanis Pupo Pérez, director of Health in the provincial capital, said that the areas with the highest number of infected are those belonging to the “Gustavo Aldereguía” and “Aquiles Espinosa” polyclinics. Active inquiries are carried out in these places, and the health personnel is supported by delegates and community workgroups.

“Today, we accumulate 58 active outbreaks, and a transmission event was declared in the Aguilera District, specifically, in the constituencies 109 and four of the popular councils 15 and 17, respectively, with a population of 271 inhabitants and 86 dwellings.

“We have intensified the actions and closed the place this week due to the confirmation of new patients. Population studies are also carried out, and 21 cases have been diagnosed, which constitutes an alarm because more sick people may come out,” he explains.

Although these register the highest figures, the rest of the health areas of the municipality also count cases, including that of Bartle, with four autochthonous in the last two weeks.

“Currently, the authorities of the municipality and the province work together to decreasing the incidence. We have increased the number of beds isolation centers for contacts and suspected of getting infected; the intention is not to stop isolating the contacts of the positives cases to maintain epidemiological control.”

Pupo explained that certain people, such as bedridden, psychiatric, or oncological patients are isolated in their homes where PCR studies are performed.

“We have positive patients who generated several contacts in some popular councils of the municipality, mainly, in the Adonis Cabrera, Roberto Reyes, and El Sendero streets, of the La Victoria District. There, a specialized investigation is being carried out to prevent people from staying at home, and the outbreaks from becoming a transmission event”.

The manager called on the population not to lose the perception of risk and to extreme the investigations in the work centers for the timely detection of possible infected. The SARS-CoV-2 virus circulates in Las Tunas and can only be stopped by responsible action by people.