Campus Lenin isolation center

Following all health guidelines and under the premise of not stopping the school year, the University of Las Tunas began to function, for the second time since the confrontation with SARS-CoV-2 began, as an isolation center.

Las Tunas will have a biomolecular laboratory soon

Las Tunas will have, at the end of the first quarter of the year, a biomolecular laboratory that will allow the study of samples to diagnose the COVID-19 in patients suspected of contagion by the disease.

More than 40 transmission sources were faced simultaneously in various municipalities

It is convenient to open the agenda to record the relevant notes that the first month of 2021 leaves in the confrontation with the new coronavirus pandemic in Las Tunas, which is passing through an epidemic rebound.

Two brigades of health professionals from Las Tunas provide support in Havana and Holguín

Two brigades of health professionals from the province of Las Tunas provide their support in Havana and Holguín in order to contribute to the confrontation with the new coronavirus, amid the most complex epidemiological scenario that the country has presented since the battle against the illness began.

The Aguada de Vázquez campsite came into operation as an isolation center for travelers

In order to reduce the contagion of the coronavirus in the northern municipality of Puerto Padre, measures are already being implemented that include the conditioning of new premises to become isolation centers.