Students of medical sciences supports the fight against COVID-19 through the active health inquiry

When the COVID-19 appeared in this province, in March 2020, the students and professors of the University of Medical Sciences knew that the challenges would not be few, and they were not wrong. From that moment, they assumed without hesitation a leading role in the confrontation with a disease that still plagues the world.

The population must increase the perception of risk of contagion

The isolation of contacts of the confirmed cases of new coronavirus and the surveillance of those suspected of being infected is a priority in this province's fight against COVID-19. At the same time, other steps to encourage the production and marketing of agricultural products are evaluated here.

Kindness and courage against the new coronavirus at isolation center in Las Tunas

My neighbor from the second floor is in the red zone of an isolation center in Las Tunas, helping with her arms, and her positive mind, to face the COVID-19 disease and the fears that always come due to the harshness of that evil.

COVID-19 in Las Tunas

Despite the 16 cases of COVID-19 confirmed today, the province ends the week (March 28 to April 3) with a positive balance compared to the previous one (March 21 to 27).

Cuban vaccine candidates against COVID-19

Inhabitants of the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas trust the vaccine candidates against COVID-19 developed by the country's Biotechnology Industry, as revealed by the results of a survey carried out by this newspaper.