Cuba denounces subversive actions orchestrated by U.S.An investigation presented on national television on Friday denounced new subversion strategies orchestrated by United State-based counterrevolutionary groups to disturb peace in Cuba.

Havana, Cuba.- The journalistic report showed evidence of how anti-Cuba structures recruited citizens, especially young people, through social networks to summon them to carry out a revolt in their communities.

The report presented a series of testimonies of those involved in the disturbances in Nuevitas, Camagüey, on August 19 and 20.

The accused explained that they were contacted on social networks to join groups opposed to the State and Government. Their orientations were to paint signs bearing the initials ADP (Self-Defense of the People) and RN (National Resistance) and carry out violent actions against the police and state security, as well as use minors to present a distorted reality of the country.

Mayelín Rodríguez, one of those involved, explained that those who contacted her via Facebook planned to provoke a national revolt and intervene at various points in Cuba with weapons.

After her experiences, she urged youths and people in Cuba not to be manipulated by these groups from abroad.

The report pointed out “that misrepresenting the Cuban reality is the daily task of digital platforms financed from the United States, with the constant impulse of the Miami-based media laboratories.”

To do this, they reiterate mechanisms such as incitement to violence, manipulating people and articulating situations of internal destabilization. (PL)