Cuba's overwelming victory at UNGA

Cuba's Prime Minister Manuel Marrero on Thursday thanked the international support for Cuba in its fight against the blockade imposed by the United States for more than six decades.

Havana, Cuba.- On Twitter, Marrero wrote about the first day of debates on this issue, held on Wednesday within the framework of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), where dozens of countries and multilateral organizations condemned the US blockade.

Today, Thursday, the General Assembly voted overwhelmingly 185 votes in favor, two against, and two abstentions to pass a resolution that condemns Washington’s hostile policy and calls for its lifting.

Several speakers also called for the removal of Cuba from the list of countries that allegedly support terrorism, drawn up by Washington in an attempt to justify the sanctions policy with which it intends to subvert the revolutionary process in this Caribbean nation.

This was the thirtieth time the world pronounced itself on this issue, which since 1992 has received the almost unanimous support of the international community.

In the last UN vote on this resolution, on June 23, 2021, 184 countries (out of 193) were in favor of lifting the blockade, while three (Colombia, Brazil, and Ukraine) abstained and only two (the United States and Israel) ratified their opposition. (PL)