Campaing "Global Tsunami against the US Blockade against Cuba."

Dozens of European associations and citizens added their voices to the campaign on social networks "World Tsunami against the blockade to Cuba," which is in its sixth month, the Europe for Cuba channel reported on Friday.

Paris.- From Denmark, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, and other countries, solidarity activists issued messages condemning the economic, commercial, and financial blockade that the United States has imposed on Cuba for more than six decades, a policy that they described as criminal and genocidal.

We can say that the response exceeded all our expectations when we launched the initiative in April to accompany the Cuban people in their struggle against the blockade, José Antonio Toledo, one of the creators and coordinators of the platform activated in October 2020, told Prensa Latina.

Toledo recalled that in its first months, the “World Tsunami against the blockade against Cuba” generated large participation in the American continent, as well as videos that the channel disseminated on YouTube and other networks.

From Greece, former Defense Minister Costas Ysichos denounced the war that Washington wages against Cuba and acknowledged its people’s resistance.

It is an illegal media, political, commercial, and financial war by the US empire, a war that was not victorious and will not be, he affirmed.

In Serbia, the president of the Cuba Friendship Group in Parliament, Bojan Torbica, considered that the Cuban people’s response to the aggression and blockade has been heroic.

“Freedom and independence have always had their price, which our two peoples are paying (…)”, he said.

The president of the Community Party of Romania, Liviu Lungu, in turn, repudiated the White House’s unilateral policy, and demanded its end, while from Spain, former European lawmaker Javier Couso demanded Cuba’s removal from the US State Sponsors of Terrorism list.

That decision clashes with the reality of Cuba, which has been characterized by its solidarity, Couso noted.

In France, associations such as Cuba Linda, in the voice of its president, Didier Lalande, condemned a blockade that they described as criminal and ratified their support for Cuba, its people, and its Revolution.

Toledo told Prensa Latina that within the framework of the “World Tsunami against the blockade against Cuba” there are still many messages from Europe and other continents to be disseminated. (PL)