The day before laboratories dedicated to analyze samples had processed 7,554 PCR testsThe increase in capacities to process PCR tests in real-time allowed yesterday to detect 51 new cases of COVID-19 in Cuba, and add 5,555 people diagnosed with the disease, the Ministry of Public Health specified today. 

Havana, Cuba.- The national director of Epidemiology of that portfolio, Francisco Durán, specified in a press conference that in recent weeks the situation in Havana and Ciego de Ávila, has shown the country reached a new peak in the number of infected people, with higher figures than in August and so far in September, a scenario that forced the opening of new molecular biology laboratories.

After showing graphs of the epidemiological complexity throughout the national territory, Durán reiterated that by the end of the month they expect to exceed the numbers of August, to date the period with the most cases in the country (1,423).

The doctor explained that the day before laboratories dedicated to analyzing samples had processed 7,554 PCR tests for an accumulated of 531,928 from all over the country.

He also reported there were two deaths, which make a total of 113 since last March 11, when the first cases were detected, despite applying the appropriate action protocols and medications, despite the effort made by professionals in the intensive care units.

Durán explained that of the 51 confirmed cases today, 48 ​​are Cuban and three are foreigners (17 women and 34 men), of which 37 were asymptomatic at the time of diagnosis, and 45 were contacts of previously diagnosed patients.

COVID-19 in Cuba

Two thousand and one patients are admitted for clinical-epidemiological surveillance, 1,250 appear as suspects and 95 are under surveillance, while 656 are active patients, of which 638 have a stable clinical evolution, while five are reported critical and 13 are seriously ill, Durán explained.

Since the first case was announced on March 11, the government and health authorities have been working on a plan to stop the spread of this disease. Of the total diagnosed, 4,284 patients have recovered and received their medical discharge.

Cuba has very rigorous measures in place and strict surveillance of the epidemiological situation to control the outbreaks in recent weeks, which have raised the incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants throughout the country to 6.9.

Durán insisted on the complexity of COVID-19 due to its rapid transmission and high risk for all people, hence the repeated call for responsible behavior in compliance with isolation, protection and epidemiological surveillance measures through the inquiries carried out by health personnel. (PL)