Security camera image outside Cuban Embassy

The National People's Power Assembly of Cuba (Parliament) condemned the terrorist attack perpetrated recently through the launching of an incendiary device on the Cuban embassy in Washington.

Havana, Cuba.- Through a statement, the Legislative recalled that the island has repeatedly denounced, through official and public channels, the promotion of incitement campaigns to violent and terrorist actions by anti-Cuban sectors in South Florida.

Once again, the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly calls on the U.S. Congress and all its members to raise their voices to condemn this new terrorist act and to demand that the Executive and competent authorities take the necessary measures to enforce the laws of that country and international treaties and conventions, the text added.

It also urged to prevent the continued promotion and perpetration of terrorist actions from U.S. territory against Cuba, which have caused the mourning of more than three thousand Cuban families.

The document denounces the double standards of the U.S. government in its so-called fight against terrorism, which allows acts of this type to be carried out with total impunity against Cuba while it absurdly and illegitimately classifies the island as a promoter of terrorism.

The Cuban Parliamentary Commission expressed the gratitude of all Cuban deputies for the expressions of solidarity and support shown by leaders and parliamentary groups of friendship with Cuba and legislators from different countries in rejection of this new aggression.

It also expressed gratitude for the call to put an end to the unjustified inclusion of this Caribbean nation in the spurious list of countries sponsoring terrorism established arbitrarily by the U.S. Government. (PL)