According to the MFP, the computer system of the Cimex corporation was reestablished.

Cuba will modify as of March 1 the retail prices for the sale of fuels in national currency, the Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP) confirmed on Wednesday.

Havana, Cuba.- The option to buy in foreign currency will also come into force in the commercialization network for tourism and all service centers, the source reported.

According to the MFP, the computer system of the CIMEX corporation, which was affected by a recent cybersecurity incident, thus damaging the fuel commercial network, was re-established.

The new tariff will not be applied to those who provide cargo and passenger transportation services under non-state management, to ensure that there is no impact or increase in the price of fares to the population, the agency clarified.

As part of the implementation of the Government's projections to correct distortions and boost the economy, a new electricity tariff will also come into effect on March 1, according to which, a 25-percent increase will be applied to consumers who spend more than 500 megawatt-hours per month. (PL)