HeberFeron is a combination of recombinant human alpha and gamma interferons.

The use of the drug HeberFeron improves the quality of life of the albinos community in Cuba, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) announced today.

Havana, Cuba.- The CIGB, one of the most important scientific research institutions in Cuba, revealed in its X social network account, that it is advancing the skin cancer health project for these people in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

HeberFeron is a combination of recombinant human alpha and gamma interferons, which shows synergistic effects in reducing the proliferation of some cancer cell lines, a formulation approved in Cuba for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma.

This medicine impacts a better quality of life for people with this condition, the CIGB said, which works in the fields of medicine and biology to improve human health, the agricultural sector, and the environment.

All members of that human group with an early diagnosis of the disease have the possibility of receiving treatment with this drug, Santiago de Cuba television broadcasted.

A multidisciplinary team integrates the project which has become a new type of consultation where specialists from the areas of care for people with this pathology come together: dermatology, ophthalmology, genetics, and psychology, among others. (PL)