63rd anniversary of the victory at Playa Girón.

Cuba commemorates the victory at Playa Giron, on April 19, 1961, in response to the invasion of some 1,500 armed mercenaries, trained and transferred to the island by the United States.

Havana, Cuba.- The president of the National People’s Power Assembly of Cuba (ANPP, parliament), Esteban Lazo evoked in his official account of X the 63 years of the victory of Girón, considered the first great defeat of Yankee imperialism in America.

Lazo stressed that at the Bay of Pigs the unity of the people, the heroism and leadership of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, prevailed in the defense of the socialist homeland and urged that each new challenge should always be a victorious Bay of Pigs.

Also, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez, stressed that the Bay of Pigs symbolizes the unity, dedication, and heroism of the Cuban people in their struggle for their independence and sovereignty.

“As in the victorious Bay of Pigs, we will continue to defend this noble cause of the humble, by the humble, and for the humble,” he said.

Similarly, the vice-president of the ANPP, Ana Mari Machado, added that it was here, in Cuba, on April 19, 63 years ago, where Yankee imperialism dealt with its first great defeat and stressed that the united people, with its leader in combat, were the protagonist of the patriotic victory. (PL)