The U.S. NATO military alliance makes up threats to increase its exorbitant war spending.

Cuba reiterated on Friday its denunciation of the excessive global military expenditure, which recorded 2.44 trillion dollars in 2023, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said.

Havana, Cuba.- On his X profile, Rodríguez assured that this figure rose for the ninth consecutive year, and NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) spent more than all other countries combined.

The foreign minister stated that the US Government is “by far the country that spends the most on arms.”

Rodríguez has warned on the same platform of the danger to human existence due to the adverse effects of natural phenomena, while NATO invents other threats.

In his opinion, that military alliance makes up those threats to increase its exorbitant war spending and maintain its polluting military industries, wasting resources that are urgently needed to finance climate change.

This alliance increases its military spending every year and signs contracts for the acquisition of more and more lethal weapons that only benefit its arms industry, as stated recently by the head of Cuban diplomacy. (PL)