Cuba mourns actress Corina Mestre

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel lamented the death of Corina Mestre, an outstanding actress and winner of the National Theater Award (2022).

Havana, Cuba.- “I am deeply sorry about the death of my faithful friend, collaborator, teacher, and patriot. I embrace her husband and son and the people of Cuba, who have lost one of their most passionate defenders,” Díaz-Canel wrote in his X account.

Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso, in turn, noted that “the great actress and pedagogue Corina Mestre died on Saturday in Havana.”

Cuban culture loses one of its greatest figures and the Revolution loses a firm militant. Our eternal gratitude for your work and your example, dear sister! He said.

Esteban Lazo, president of the National People’s Power Assembly (Parliament), and Luis Morlote, of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), expressed their sympathies too.

“A sad day for national culture due to the death of Corina Mestre, an outstanding Cuban actress, teacher, faithful revolutionary, and one of the most beloved artists of our country,” Lazo wrote on X.

“Condolences, on behalf of the lawmakers, to her family and friends,” he added.

"Cuba says goodbye to one of its beloved artists. Immense and inconsolable pain due to the physical departure of our immense Corina Mestre," Morlote said.

"As the poet would say, …There are blows in life, so strong, I don’t know… In this family that you helped us consolidate, we will always love you," he assured.

Corina Mestre worked in theater, radio, films, and television, in addition to developing an extensive career as an acting teacher in Cuba and abroad.

The Distinction for Cuban Culture, the Hola Award from the Association of Hispanic Artists and Critics of New York, and the National Award for Artistic Teaching are some of the acknowledgments she received. (PL)