The Cuban educational system provides students with an integral education

The acknowledgment by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) of Cuba's international leadership in education in 2020 is evidence of the Cuban State and the Government's commitment to the 2030 Agenda.

Havana, Cuba.- According to a press release from the Cuban Permanent Mission to UNESCO, 2020 was particularly important since several UNESCO reports recognized the Cuban educational system's achievements.

The text points to the Global Monitoring Report on Education 2020 (GEM Report 2020), highlighting the achievements of the Cuban Government's education policies to guarantee inclusive, quality education and 100 percent preschool coverage.

The Cuban mission release added that the Latin American and Caribbean regional edition of the GEM 2020 Report also recognized several Cuban initiatives that made the inclusion of children with disabilities in the main early childhood development programs possible.

It also mentioned the report of the UNESCO Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study, which stressed that the Cuban educational system provides students with an integral education and the school has a social function linked to the socialization process in harmony with the family, the social experience, and the culture of the students.

Another sign of the recognition cited in the text is the inclusion of the Caribbean nation among the 35 countries selected to make up the Atlas on the Right to Education of Girls and Women, prepared by UNESCO as part of the initiative "Your Education, Our Future." (RHC)