The President made this call during the meeting of the temporary working group for the confrontation with COVID-19.Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel called on Tuesday for unity and respect among Cubans, without hatred or vulgarity.

Havana, Cuba.- At the same time, he said, this must be achieved by demanding discipline and compliance with the rules that guarantee social tranquility.

The President made this call during the meeting of the temporary working group for the confrontation with COVID-19.

He warned that the enemy is betting on frustrating the fight against the pandemic that the island is carrying out with so much sacrifice, and to create social unrest, uncertainty. The campaign in the social media networks is irritating, lying, and slanderous, he said.

"The calls are aggressive, they call for murder, lynching, they threaten, they call for the destruction of facilities, for the attack against people's homes, and in particular of people identified as revolutionaries."

He pointed out that those who are demonstrating are not doing so in a peaceful manner and are called by the hatred instilled in them by the decade-long strategy of subversion.

"The discourse that the government is repressing peaceful demonstrations, or that request that Cuba or the government respects the opinion of its citizens is a total lie and slander," he said.

Díaz-Canel explained to those present at the meeting -including authorities from all the provinces and the special municipality of the Isle of Youth, via videoconference-, that there must be clarity about the programs with which the enemy "intends to destabilize the country.

The President denounced that those who consider themselves the gendarmes of the world are looking for pretexts to say that there is no governability and then offer channels of humanitarian aid. We cannot lower our guard, he said.

Likewise, he expressed that when there are criminal acts anywhere in the world, they are confronted. Here, those provocations are confronted by the people and law enforcement agencies.

The Cuban President called to continue working to eliminate the vestiges of delinquency and indecent behavior and to continue increasing the protection measures that guarantee the tranquility of the island's citizens. (RHC)