Wednesday, 07 March 2018 21:45

Russia Participates in Modernizing Cuba's Textile Industry

Written by ACN
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Russia will participate in modernizing Cuba's textile industry, said Russia's Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Gueorgui Kalamanov.


Havana, Cuba.- The Russian official is participating in bilateral talks with the objective of signing agreements with the Caribbean island, according to Cubadebate website.

The Cuban partners, he said, made proposals for the modernization of a series of textile factories and now we need to define the exact amount and if the information of the required supplies are established.

Gueorgui indicated that the major part of the machinery will be of Russian production and these projects are expected to materialize with the support of the Russian Export Center.

Regarding the Russian-Cuban cooperation perspectives in other areas, the Vice Minister of Industry highlighted that both countries are carrying out intense work in several directions.

He highlighted energy cooperation with the modernization of the Máximo Gómez and Habana del Este thermoelectric centers and the Antillana de Acero Steel Plant.

We also expect to continue developing cooperation in cargo and light transportation supplying Kamaz trucks and Lada cars that has prestige in Cuba. (ACN)

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