35th anniversary of the UNEAC Committee in Las Tunas

The Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC, by its Spanish acronym) in Las Tunas commemorates this December 24 its 35th anniversary, so they have deployed during the month a day with activities that incorporate all branches.

Las Tunas, Cuba - Peñas, get-togethers, and regular exchanges have had the good fortune to enhance their objectives, with the tribute to founders and illustrious members who left a work admired by colleagues and the people.

Such is the case of Del verso a la Estrella (From Verse to Star), which takes place every Friday in the portal of the UNEAC headquarters, near Maceo Park, with the coexistence of poetry and trova, and Puertas Adentro (Doors Inside), which brings together -mainly- exponents of various styles and generations, with the leadership of percussionist Oberto Calderon.

The Concert Afternoon was also for the enjoyment of classical music, in the institution's Bonsai Courtyard, always with the excellence of maestros Ramón Carlos Leyva and Elvira Skourtis, other virtuosos of the six-stringed instrument, and students of the El Cucalambé professional art school.

For the performing arts, the Tímeles space turned its magic, in the 13 de Marzo elementary school, with the stories of Clotilde Aguillón, Emelia González, Argentina Vázquez, and Juan José Rodríguez. While the oral workshop Cuenta Conmigo (Count on Me), given by the writer and storyteller Lesbia de la Fe to librarians from different centers and people interested in the Japanese technique of kamishibai, was born.

With the theoretical panel La Luz de la Palabra (The Light of the Word) and the poetry reading Diciembre hacia el canto nuevo (December Towards the New Song), writers approached social poetry and Cuban exponents such as Eliseo Diego, Martí, Guillén, Guillermo Villarronda, Rolando Escardó, and Guillermo Vidal.

To close the celebration, the new members, about thirty creators among writers, musicians, artists of the plastic arts, of the scene, and professionals of the Cinema, Radio, and Television, will be given their membership cards.

The commemorative ceremony will take place in front of the plaque located next to the Vicente García González provincial museum, followed by the inauguration of the Punto de Encuentro (Meeting Point) collective exhibition, at the UNEAC gallery, and an artistic gala, both with the participation of the new members of the organization.