During this month, the José Martí Brigade carries out its assembly process

"It's class time today, teacher!" is usually the phrase with which the children greet Lisandra Aliaga at the Rosendo Arteaga elementary school in the municipality of Jobabo. "That's why, even if I have personal problems, I attend with a smile," the member of the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade (BJM) told 26.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Multiplying attitudes like Lisandra's is a necessary pillar for the proper functioning of the organization in all spaces. A conviction that summarized in its past provincial council by Darlenis Urquiola (director of Culture in the province and instructor of formation art) when she expressed: "We must sow more and more conscience, feelings and ethics; to continue being standard bearers of our culture."

According to Baire Cartaya, leader of the BJM in the territory, during this month, the guild (composed here of 646 members) carries out its assembly process, whose provincial meeting is scheduled for July 15, with the particularity of being paired to its elections.

This has been a fetile period in creation for the BJM membersAccording to Héctor Bolmey Ochoa, vice-president of the BJM in the Balcón de Oriente (Eastern Cuban Balcony), among the topics on the agenda are the links with cultural centers, cultural promoters, and different entities; the strengthening of the work in schools; the interaction with families and the search for strategies to stop the exodus, a scourge that continues to affect the membership.

According to him, this stage of work has been strengths in the creation, the work with the Movement of Amateur Artists, the nexus with the system of houses of culture, and the work in social networks, necessary for the visibility of the cultural potential that represents the brotherhood.

"We are currently working from the municipalities to ensure the quality of the process, from dialogues with the different steering groups. We count on the accompaniment of the Young Communist Youth Union (UJC) and we assist with the joy emanating from our Escaramujo Contest, which has been developing in different territories, in feedback from varied audiences. In addition, we promote creative workshops with children and other community actions, with good results", added the young man."

Lisandra Aliaga summed it up well when she said: "Our work is very sensitive, it takes people out of everyday stress and contributes to their enjoyment. We do not offer anything material, but we touch the soul of human beings."

Leyisbel Acosta Yero, who heads the organization in Puerto Padre, said: "We have strengthened our work in the communities, especially in those that are difficult to access, which is a challenge at the national level. I, for example, am in charge of the SoñArte Project, which includes children from different schools, including children's circles. I work with three colleagues and we manage to interweave music, dance, and theater."

"We put on the productions through games, we teach values, and we talk about local and national culture... Despite only being in existence for a year, the initiative has obtained satisfactory results. Another positive aspect is that we involve families. It has been a wonderful experience."

However, there are areas to consolidate to protect the quality of the work. In this sense, individual improvement, increased motivation to bring more and more artistic units to the communities, and strengthening institutional alliances that will lead to better results are necessary. In general, the creators agree that responsibility and creativity are essential to overcome technological deficiencies and other dissatisfactions to contribute to the cultural development of society.

The BJM was created more than three decades ago, under the aegis of Fidel Castro, to channel the vocation and artistic talent of the young avant-garde, exponent of the defense of the aesthetic values of the Cuban people.

Traditionally, the organization's activities in Las Tunas have included its participation in plastic arts salons, the Cucalambeana Fiesta workshops, and the Escaramujo Contest, held this year on June 9.