Papote's House television program

Some time ago, the combination of real characters in an animated world, with objects that are also part of the fictional environment, merged into the television proposal La Casa de Papote (Popote’s Home), to get closer to the clown universe and the work of the stage company from Las Tunas; thanks to the intention of the National Council for the Performing Arts and the joint work of Teatro Tuyo, and the Salamandra Audiovisuales team.

Papote's House television programLas Tunas, Cuba.- This Saturday, an extension of that dream will be staged at the Teatro Tuyo Cultural Center, at 10:30 a.m., but not as a play, but rather as a kind of gathering that, according to Ernesto Parra -leader of the troupe- will consist of "games, songs, audiovisuals and many surprises, which will make a fun morning happen with boys and girls from the Teatro Tuyo children's company, who will be the special guests."

In dialogue with 26, Papote (Ernesto Parra’s character) announced: “It is another dimension of La Casa..., where new edges are developed. As in the television program, it will touch on a topic in each chapter, but it differs in several matters. We will include guests, who will also share performances and will express their ideas on a certain subject.”

“In the first invitation, the children will be able to talk about what their home is, where they live. The purpose is that they can discuss and interact. There will be a chapter of La Casa de Papote that deals with the topic that is addressed at each opportunity. On Saturday, for example, we will put program making off. And we will always interview someone from the production team, in this case, Yanelis Rodríguez Escamuchero. There will also be raffles, prizes, and other attractions. It is simply a didactic and participatory Papote's House television programspace, where the public comes to talk, play, and share.”

Escamuchero, responsible for the animation, designs, and backgrounds of the audiovisual, commented to this media outlet: “It is the reflection of that little piece of childhood that I still carry inside. Every time I see it on TV with my baby, I enjoy it like the first time. The idea of some kind of live version is phenomenal, I'll have a lot of fun, free from so much adulting that sometimes compromises thoughts. The Casa de Papote is for all times.”

Likewise, Dalgis Román, who directed the program as part of the Salamandra Audiovisuales team, expressed: “More than a television program, we always saw it as a space to share possible dreams and desires. I am not surprised that it continues to grow as a project, and that its door opens so that children and their families experience the certainty that they are the most important in that home. Is there a better way to multiply ourselves than through laughter and applause?

Thus, the dreams of Ernesto Parra, Aixa Prowl, Carlos Enrique Díaz, Camilo Soto, Raúl Verdecie, Ridel Meriño, Dalgis Román, Escamuchero and other friends who participated in the previous initiative, are now turning green in another crop of red noses; one that reminds us of the opening phrase of a certain program: "Welcome to La Casa de Papote, a place full of magic made to dream.”