Young singer Alfredo Torres Cruz, a representtive of the Las Tunas Amateur Artists Movement

Alfredo Torres Cruz is only 21 years old, but he is already attracting attention for his artistic talents. He recently won the second edition of the El Artista Soy Yo performance contest, and today he is one of those selected to represent Las Tunas at the National Festival of Amateur Artists, to be held in Havana from 11 to 13 August.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Antonio Reyes Borges, Emily Gutiérrez López, and I also take part in the event in the capital, the first two also related to music and myself, for the Literature event.

In dialogue with 26, Alfredo, from the Olga Alonso cultural center, said: "It's a great opportunity because for the first time, I'm participating in a national competition, where I can perform songs. Every stage teaches something new and every performance brings something nice, I know it will be very productive and will influence my growth as an artist."

Political and cultural events, galas, gatherings, Cucalambeana Fiesta events, and other venues have been witness to his eagerness to excel. "Music is my best way to communicate and reach people. It gives color, joy, and hope to my life. I have been trained empirically, with effort. That's why it's important to make myself known and learn from other colleagues," he summarized.

Singer Antonio Reyes Borges, a representtive of the Las Tunas Amateur Artists MovementAntonio Reyes Borges is also a vocal soloist and belongs to the Sindicato de Comunicaciones (Etecsa in Spanish). He, with more than two decades in the Amateur Artists Movement, has performed ballads, boleros, and rancheras, with great prominence in activities organized by the Tomasa Varona cultural center and the municipality of Las Tunas in general.

For her part, the instrumental soloist Emily Gutiérrez López, a graduate of the El Cucalambé professional art school, is in her fifth year of medical studies at the University of Medical Sciences in Las Tunas, where she runs a university peña. She has participated in several events and holds numerous awards in her young career, such as being the winner of the Provincial Festival of the University Student Federation.

Antonio, Alfredo, Emily, and I will have the opportunity to exchange with creators from other provinces during the Festival, which includes performances in different venues, with the participation of multiple casts. Dance and theatre groups, casino conferences, exhibitions, literary events, and visits to cultural and historical centers make up the agenda, which will surely be a fruitful day for the participants.

Emily Gutiérrez, a representtive of the Las Tunas Amateur Artists Movement

Writer and reporter Yelaine Martínez Herrera, a representtive of the Las Tunas Amateur Artists Movement