Ink-scented fingerprints: new summer section

For me, it is impossible to talk about contemporary poetry in Cuba by women and not mention Yuslenis Molina Rodríguez.

Writer Yuslenis MolinaLas Tunas, Cuba.- She is a writer and oral narrator with several published books. Erotic, romantic, and family themes are the strong point of this young poet, as well as the city and her friends. Themes are so necessary and represented by so many great writers worldwide and to which Yuslenis joins in a fresh, different way. She faces the challenge of writing her time and portraying it with her personal, sincere, real, human touch.

With great fluency, she navigates the décima, the romance, and the sonnet like an expert sailor. She shapes and deforms the structures as she pleases, to transmit her message. In many cases, the form should not be separated from the content, since the poem is the sum of each of its parts. Yuslenis' texts often have multiple levels of reading, they are never just what they appear to be. The more one reads them, the more details one finds in them.

The erotic, sensual, feminine touch together with the intelligent, cultured verse in her style, makes her poems familiar, easy to connect with the message, and difficult to forget. At the same time, joy, love, fun and the cultivation of human values are recurring characteristics in her literature aimed at both children and young people.

Yuslenis Molina, or simply Yu, is poetry itself: she always makes us happy. She is a writer, above all things, and necessary. Her texts should be published and read often, as they seem to multiply, expand, to be different, all at the same time. Wherever one of her poems is found, her ink-scented, poetic imprint will remain there forever.

Writer Yuslenis Molina