The "Sinsonte" improvisers of the Trovemos Corporation in Medellin, Colombia,

Children always find a source of inspiration in the Cucalambeana Fiesta. This time they were not seen running around the grounds of El Cornito, riding a horse or admiring the bamboos that draw the landscape; but they did not miss the online event, and they knew how to impregnate joys.

From other nations came songs in recognition of the Cuban and Latin American CultureLas Tunas, Cuba._ On Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms, the infants displayed a talent that keeps the peasant tradition alive; that which defines our essence and runs through the veins of the nation.

According to the organizers, Cantos de Colibrí, a regular space that dedicates the event to the youngest at home, had the largest representation of the municipalities of Las Tunas, mainly in the capital, Majibacoa, Puerto Padre and “Colombia.”

Tonadas, narrations, poetic dialogues and controversies were some of the cultural expressions with which children and adolescents, up to 15 years of age, delighted netizens.

Groups of amateur artists such as Origins and Impact participated, both from the System of Cultural Centers of the host province with a national category, in addition to the members of the Viajera Peninsular repentismo workshop of El Cucalambé Ibero-American Center of the Décima.

The Hormigas Rojas Company was featured in the posts, which has carried out staging with field themes for more than 20 years, with the excellent guide of the troubadour Iraida Williams Eugellés.

From other nations came songs in recognition of the Cuban and Latin American Culture to promote unity in one's diversity. Thus, for example, the "Gitana" and the "Sinsonte" improvisers of the Trovemos Corporation in Medellin, Colombia, attracted with their art in the networks.

"I want to talk about Cuba with great happiness / it is the country that leads us to our freedom / (...) But we must be united and holding hands / the one who lives there in Cuba and the Colombian man / We are like a family with love and a lot of alliance / and our friendship is based on all our hope."

From Stockholm, Sweden, 7-year-old Erik Castellanos Peña shared his paintings in this space designed for the enjoyment and participation of children within the Supreme Party of the Cuban Peasantry.

In this 53rd edition of the greatest guateque, the new generations also left their mark, knowing the hope of a future in which modern styles and traditions coexist in harmony.