Provincial radio station Radio Victoria

The provincial radio station “Radio Victoria” is now a strategic ally in the preparation of the university students of this province in their homes, since last March 23rd the temporary suspension of teaching in all the universities of the country was announced.

Las Tunas, Cuba - From April 13, at 11:45 a.m., after the radio station broadcasts live the national press conference to update the COVID-19 situation, in the Tiempo Joven program, an space for young people, authorities of the house of high studies will give their students precise orientations about the tasks they must fulfill, according to the specialty they are studying and the year they are in.

The first vice-rector of the institution, Yoenia Barbán Sarduy, informed that on Mondays the faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences is in charge, followed by the faculty of Economic Sciences on Tuesdays; Technical and Agricultural Sciences on Wednesdays; Physical Culture on Thursdays; and finally, on Fridays the experts of the faculty of Educational Sciences will attend.

This measure is part of the strategy that the University is implementing in view of the new stage of limited native transmission of the pandemic, which the country is going through, which moves the resumption of face-to-face classes a little further away in time. All year groups adjust their programs to current conditions and use various ways to ensure that information reaches the entire student community.

Among the initiatives taken by the teaching departments is the assignment of small groups of students to each year's teacher and that the latter is responsible for guiding and informing them.

With respect to the Higher Education entrance exams, Barbán Sarduy explained that the quality of the process is maintained as a premise. In this sense, she invited the candidates to fulfill the call of the Minister of Higher Education to continue the training, in order to be ready to face the tests as soon as the country returns to normal.