Cuban health coperants are fighting the COVID-19 around the world

Artists from Majibacoa municipality created the song "Army of Dignity" to honor the work of Cuban doctors, especially those who are currently facing the threat of Covid-19 in other nations.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In an exclusive interview with 26Digital, Gabriel Pérez Guerrero, composer of the still unpublished work, said that it is a heartfelt tribute to those people who give themselves day and night for human welfare.

Recording "Army of Dignity"At the end of the last calendar, the idea began to start up and we took the first steps towards its materialization. Everything was born from my interest in fulfilling the promise I made to my son Yandy Pérez Tamayo (a physician who is currently on an internationalist mission in Venezuela, coordinator of the Francisco de Miranda Medical Center, located in the state of Aragua) to give life to a theme and thank those brave people in white coats. I did so, but it wasn't until a few days ago, when I lived through the threat of the new coronavirus, that I thought about spreading it, he said.

He is a member of the Cuban Music Copyright Agency and has composed other songs, some of which have been broadcast. Some are inspired by the life and work of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, such as Vivirás eternamente and El Caguairán, and others deal with various topics, among which the confrontation with the blockade (No nos vamos a entender), the defense of the environment (Pase de Cuenta) and respect for women (Mambisas de Estos Tiempos) stand out.

Ejército de dignidad (Army of Dignity) recently saw the light of day on a digital medium thanks to the joint work of a series of artists from that territory to the east of Las Tunas city. They are (besides the composer), the singer Pavel Méndez (interpretation), the oral narrator Tania Rondón (filming and general direction), and Oelis and Olbis Mattos, father and son respectively (recording, editing and audio mixing).

The theme, conceived for the ballad genre, stands out for its musicality and beauty in the language by having fragments like this one: Go, go, go, around the world / Go on, go on with that deep love/ of the grateful and faithful/ Go on with the ideal of Martí / with your Cuban pride/ and the lineage of Fidel (chorus).

Although the musical recording was made with their own means, in an improvised studio, it has great meaning for its makers because of the message it expresses.

In addition, several inhabitants of the town of Calixto, Majibacoa, already feel part of the fruit and copy it from one another in different media. "Along with the applause that each night is dedicated to the Cuban doctors, this is another way of saying thanks for so much sacrifice and heart," added Gabriel.

Listen to the song