Radio Libertad stationOn February 24, 1940, CMKY Radio Puerto Padre was born from the creative ingenuity of Pedro Zacca Cheda, a Lebanese merchant.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- This station since its airing settled roots in the ether and caught the audience through Guajira Party, Mexico Sings, Popular Disco and Sunday Varieties; programs with a marked commercial interest at the beginning that last on its grid.

Eight decades have passed since that time. With the passing of the years, after the definitive triumph and nationalization, it was baptized as Radio Libertad. The programming consolidated other interests, more comprehensive.

There is a lot of history in its eight decades: programs that transcend time as its creators, or those who came later as apprentices of radio creation, and those who bewitched by its magic shelter the new generations willing to preserve its sound as intangible heritage of the territory.

Radio Libertad is so much for its listeners that they feel it as the continuous beat of the city. Many of them think it is the heart of the Blue Villa, to others it is the completion of spirituality because it is as a harmony that reaches the highest expression of enjoyment.