Los Zahoríes Puppet Theatre

The start of important and longed-for projects, obtaining numerous awards, national and international tours, and the restoration of some theater halls, show that the calendar recently ended marked an important milestone for the performing arts in Las Tunas.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The opening of the Clown National School, in this city, was a dream come true of the Artistic Teaching in the territory and the consecrated Teatro Tuyo troupe, which reaffirmed the good health the theater enjoys and opened its doors to nine future artists, continuators of a unique aesthetic that the group has built for two decades.

Teatro Tuyo, whose celebration for the 20 years of foundation extended throughout the year, materialized its first national tour through seven provinces, made successful performances in Denmark and Sweden, and took its style to Argentina, Mexico, and other countries in the Latin American region.

While the group is preparing to begin this January the staging of their new play, Tesoro, it was known that Ernesto Parra Borroto, actor and director; and the multifaceted actress Aixa Prowl Avilés, have just been crowned with the awards for best Male and Feminine performances at the International Theater Festival for Children and Youth, held in the Dominican Republic.

On the other hand, the restoration of the Cultural Center that bears the name of the clowns troupe and of the Raúl Gómez García Hall, habitual headquarters of the Los Zahoríes Puppet Theather, recognized the achievements of both artistic units, since the latter arrived in 2019 to the 48th anniversary of its foundation strengthened as one of the most prominent in puppetry art in the country.

The premieres of Jíbaro and Relato de un Pueblo Roto, are proofs of the versatility of the puppet theatre group in Las Tunas, which reinvents itself in each new staging, and is committed to staying in the heart of several generations of Las Tunas inhabitants.

In addition, Total Teatro, the only representative of the dramatic side in the province, shared their experiences in stages and public spaces in Mexico, where they participated in two events of the performing arts and demonstrated, less than three years from its foundation and with pieces that opt for the close exchange with the viewer with naturalness, the good caliber of the Cuban Theater.

As a climax to a calendar of important projects and commitments with each of its audiences, Teatro Tuyo, Total Teatro and the La Chimenea project, of the Los Zahoríes Puppet Theatre, participated in the Camagüey National Theater Festival, after being present in the network of events that during the year convene the main stages of the country.