One of the main objectives of the TunasVisión provincial TV channel team of professionals to consolidate its work as a public medium in 2024 is to guarantee content that satisfies the information and educational needs and the participation of the people of the province of Las Tunas in the channel different communication platforms.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- During the balance of the work for 2023, other goals were also announced, such as the design of communication strategies that strengthen the link with internal and external audiences, with a better dynamization of production routines, perfecting the media management model, to provide updated, educational and interesting content for audiences and to protect and promote the recording of the channel's audiovisual heritage.

Work is also being done to advance the digitalization of the media, to provide more comprehensive training for journalists through practice and the development of training courses, to consolidate alliances with other press organizations, and to draw up a crisis communication manual not only for the channel but for the whole province, according to Natasha Díaz Bardón, president of the grassroots delegation of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC).

Difficult times make us more creative, said audiovisual producer Waldina Almaguer, who pondered how TunasVisión has formed a large family that struggles every day to make high-quality television products, amid material difficulties that affect production routines but not the commitment and talent in terms of what is taken to the screen and social networks, with exclusive programs for these platforms.

Journalists, directors, cameramen, editors, broadcasters, producers, and advisors have the challenge of continuing to make good programming amid the shortages, with the completion of sections in the stellar LTV News, and the treatment of issues related to public health, the problems that most affect the population, demographics, the training of adolescents, the use of science and technology and food production.

The president of the Institute of Information and Social Communication, Alfonso Noya Martínez, assured that, in the current 2024, the budgets for radio and television will be favored in the country and highlighted the work of TunasVisión under the premise that public media increasingly respond to their audiences and resemble their surroundings, with more communication and more citizen participation.

José Carlos Zaragoza, general director of Televisión Cubana (Cuban TV), expressed his satisfaction at the fact that 2023 was a year of growth for the Las Tunas channel, which has achieved what others have not, and noted that at this stage 57 percent of its news material was published on national channels, which shows the quality of its productions, and for this reason it is among the first media on the list to be included in the experiment for a transformation with new forms of editorial, economic and technological management, which 16 newspapers, radio and television stations from all over the country are already carrying out.

TunasVisión has had a hard struggle in its daily work, especially in the last year, which has served to forge wills and achieve the unity of the collective in its commitments to its viewers, given its 25th anniversary on 30 December.