Pablo Armando Fernández Literary Promotion Center.

After several years of being dormant for various reasons, the Pablo Armando Fernández Literary Promotion Center has resumed its functions. Under the direction of the Provincial Center for Books and Literature (CPLL in Spanish) and with the support of the Sanlope publishing house, it promotes the work of writers from Las Tunas, as well as events, competitions, and other literary activities.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- "The Center disseminates the catalog of the territorial imprint, both books and authors, stimulates and attends to the processes of creation, everything concerning the work of the publishing house and the programming of activities in the different municipalities. It also includes an Information Center, which brings together research related to literature in the province," added Saimy K. Torres, director of this entity.

The Literary Promotion Centers were founded in June 1993, by Resolution 43, signed by Armando Hart Dávalos, then Minister of Culture. With the operation of the "Pablo Armando Fernández," there would be eight such centers in the country.

Taking over the center named after the author of Suite para Maruja (which had its genesis in 2004, but then ceased to function) aims to stimulate - through various initiatives - literature in Las Tunas, a land with a prolific tradition. The fact that it bears the name of one of the great authors cradled here is a source of pride and commitment to consolidate the work around the event. As Pablo Armando, winner of the 1996 National Literature Prize, said: "I don't believe in chance, I believe in writing."