Cultural Plaza at the feet of the Buena Vista Tank

A geographical reference point on the city map of Las Tunas, one of the seven wonders of engineering in this eastern city, it shelters with sublime elegance a site that has been transformed from a space for carnival festivities to a Cultural Plaza.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The Buena Vista Tank, a gigantic concrete mass more than half a century old, witnessed a necessary metamorphosis that, at its feet, eliminated high decibels and ethylic stenches in one of the most populated areas of the city.

The shape of a violin, which can be seen from heights, a stage for the presentation of artists and cultural projects, are some of the charms that today show the place thanks to the ingenuity of the main architect Alexánder Lara Santana, a specialist in the Design and Engineering Company (Crever in Spanish).

Inaugurated on 10 August 2015, the square complements its sensual resemblance to the musical instrument with planters and ramps, as well as dressing rooms and offices for the logistics and preparation of the shows, in an area that also includes kiosks for the sale of sweets, drinks, and snacks.

With a novel and contemporary character, the project immediately positioned itself in the preference of art lovers and the public for its attractive proposals for healthy recreation, with a perspective of socio-cultural revival.

It brings together soloists, orchestras, dance, acting, and theatre companies, in a rich representation of local and national culture that strives to give back to the artistic panorama the prominence it deserves in a city with a broad creative tradition.

As the soul of the most populated part of the city, the square is today one of the distinctive symbols of the cultural gear of Las Tunas, which came to revitalize the Tanque of Buena Vista premises and thus recover one of the emblematic places of the Balcony of Eastern Cuba.