50th anniversary of "Los Zahoríes"

“The cockroach Martina” is, without a doubt, one of the tales of the oral tradition that has trapped several generations. Children and adults continue to be fascinated with the story of Pérez mouse and his beloved. But… can you imagine a free version adapted to the musical comedy, with the participation of actors and puppets? That will be one of the surprises with which Los Zahoríes Puppeteer Company will celebrate its 50th birthday.

Verónica HinojosaLas Tunas, Cuba.- According to Verónica Hinojosa, artistic director of “La Cuqui,” it is something very beautiful, in which young people with many desires to work and very versatile, are inserted since they sing, dance, and act. They are the actors Maylan Colomé Pérez, Leonor Pérez Hinojosa, Mayelín Batista Peña, Yosvany Maceo Mulet and José Ramón Moreno Zaldívar, as well as the assistant director Ana Rosa Díaz Naranjo.

The outstanding actress corroborates how the troupe has been an experimental school "where we teach young people to design, ‘disrupt ’a play for dramaturgy work, and never lose the essence of our work, which are children."

Her opinion is reaffirmed by Maylan Colomé, general director: "I intend that our most experienced professionals direct the staging, as they have a wealth of knowledge that we should not waste. Verónica, for example, transmits her experience in manipulating puppets, making figures, and the way of directing.”

Malú, as they know her, reported that for the birthday they have other premieres. These are the one-man shows “Historia de Madera” (Wooden history) and “El restaurador de cuentos” (Story restorer), both directed by Yuri Rojas, with the participation of the actors José Ramón Moreno and Frank Herrera, respectively.


Since its foundation on September 14, 1971, the province's first scenic group has been characterized by not stopping its work in the face of different adverse situations. Homes, communities, schools, and even the lobby of its headquarters (the Raúl Gómez García Hall) have become spaces conducive to growth.

Maylan Colomé PérezJíbaro, Story of a broken town and Trapito still resonate from recent calendars, emanating from ingenuity in the face of deficiencies. But "these and other pieces do not sleep in oblivion and have been inserted in national and international events, held virtually, as the May Pilgrimages and the current Teatro Primavera," actress Lisandra Rivero added.

"It is our goal to expand the repertoire and, taking advantage of this time, we are more careful in each process. Although limited by the pandemic, we have not lost contact with children. We have been present in activities for the 60th anniversary of the creation of the childcare centers, the Pioneers Organization, and in the home of children without family protection, " Colomé said.

This is how Verónica, who together with Emelia González and other consecrated actors fill the new batch of talents with lights, summarized it: "Los Zahoríes grows in the face of difficulties and that is only achieved with love for work and our public, which well deserves it.”

50th anniversary of "Los Zahoríes"