Journalists of this media who were awarded in the 26 de Julio National Journalism Contest were recognized

The commitment of being always on the side of truth and humanism, not to lose the ability to renew itself in each text, and to keep a firm pen to question everything that blurs the work of the nation was raised on Thursday by the collective of Periódico 26, which will arrive on July 26 to the 43rd anniversary of its foundation.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- "The name we bear is not by chance," Luis Ramiro Segura García, director of the newspaper, said during a tribute ceremony to celebrate the date. In his words, he recalled that the battles of the people of Las Tunas and Cuba, the firm resistance to the economic blockade, the struggle for the construction of a more prosperous society, and the beautiful pages of solidarity with the peoples of the world have been reflected, day after day, in published materials and photos.

Segura García said that "we now dedicate our best efforts to inform the population and raise awareness, to overcome the complex epidemiological situation that we are going through." He confirmed that 26 does not stop its will to continue specifying the management model that started in 2016. The new cultural supplement "Matarile," launched online a few weeks ago, attests to this.

The recognition of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) to its official organ came in the voice of William Ramírez, the member of the Bureau that attends the Ideological Sphere, who congratulated the newspaper, on behalf of the people of Las Tunas, for being the voice and platform of the Revolution in this eastern territory. He also highlighted the alternatives undertaken during the last year, so as not to fail to fulfill its mission under any circumstances.

At the ceremony, Manuel Pérez Gallego, a member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the PCC here, and Adalys Ray Haynes, provincial president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC), recognized the journalists of this media who were awarded in the 26 de Julio National Journalism Contest.