Meeting to verifying the execution of research projects and postgraduate training in the educational sector

First Deputy Minister of Education Cira Piñeiro Alonso urged to promote scientific research in the educational sector of Las Tunas during a meeting with government authorities and the guild in the territory, to verify the execution of research projects and postgraduate training.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In the daily pedagogical practice, it is necessary to innovate and put the methodological scientific work at the service of each school center, so that it contributes to the educational action and the management of science, valued the first vice-titular of the ministry.

"Las Tunas has potentialities and a pedagogical work that can be socialized from science. It is necessary to train teachers with this concept of seeking answers to the problems of practice from the initial pedagogical training and then at the University," said the official.

In the same way, she pointed out that this line of thought must be integrated into the performance of school principals and their peers at the municipal level since it is also the responsibility of each administration to accompany the training processes in master's and doctoral programs, as well as to adopt a scientific concept in the work of management.

On these issues, Piñeiro Alonso also remarked that the work in the pre-university vocational institutes of exact sciences and in the pedagogical schools, the former with the task of training the future scientific community of the country and the latter as the quarry of the sector, are fundamental in the promotion of this field.

Jorge Luis Reyes Izaguirre, Deputy Director of Education in the territory, summarized the work developed during 2021, a year marked by the confinement caused by the Covid-19 and in which the scientific work in the educational institutions and the improvement foreseen for the teaching staff did not stop.

For her part, Silvia Navarro Quintero, director of the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, acknowledged the progress made by Las Tunas in this context, although she pointed out that it is necessary to increase doctoral training, for which she considered it necessary that the master's degrees serve as a basis for further research.

"A transit relationship should be established between master's degrees and doctorates," she said. She also recommended developing research topics related to issues of importance for the development of the province and the sector, while at the same time corresponding to the main lines of research determined by the Ministry of Education.

Yoenia Barbán Sarduy, a vice-rector of the University, pointed out that most of the University's faculty has already obtained a doctorate in Pedagogical, Agricultural, and Technical Sciences, which is undoubtedly an achievement that favors sustainability of the scientific activity.

Integrating science into the daily practice of teaching in the classrooms of Las Tunas and having alliances with other entities and ministries are some of the challenges ahead for the Educational System in the province, to contribute more than to a specific sector, to an entire nation.