The Rector of the university received the Diploma.

"This is the result of everyone's efforts," said Aurora Ramos de las Heras, Master of Science and Rector of the University of Las Tunas, after receiving the certificate that accredits the institution as a Qualified University from the hands of Reynaldo Velázquez Zaldívar, Doctor of Science and General Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES).

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The event was the prelude to a day in which Velázquez Zaldívar and Alberto Turro Breff, director of Science, Technology, and Innovation; and Ramón J. Miranda Echevarría, methodologist of the Directorate of Staff of the MES, evaluated the fulfillment of the strategic objectives during 2021.

The main projections and challenges of the University for 2022 were also presented, regarding the training of professionals, the preparation and completion of the faculty, the strengthening of the link between Higher Education and the companies that produce goods and services, and the impact on scientific and technological development.

The preparation and improvement of the cadres and reserves of the State and the Government, the University-society relationship, the digital transformation of universities and science, technology, and innovation entities, the management of human, material, and financial resources, and the quality assurance of Cuban Higher Education are also essential.

During the conclusions of the visit, Turro Breff expressed that "regardless of the evaluation, we have to recognize that the University of Las Tunas is making progress in each of the objectives and processes. I am sure that it will continue along that path because it has an excellent work team.”