A brigade of 14 workers traveled to the westernmost Cuban province

José Raúl Gómez Segura became a father just a few days ago. His wife, recently out of a surgical process, accompanied him in his decision to go to Pinar del Río, in support of the recovery of that territory after the passage of Hurricane Ian.

Pablo Vila PollLas Tunas, Cuba.- A brigade of 14 workers is in the westernmost Cuban province. Sadness and desolation left the most recent weather phenomenon, which ravaged that Cuban region. Among the most affected services is telephony.

The group from Las Tunas, which bears the name Unidos Vencemos (Together We Win), consists of linemen, cutting and downspout workers, and tyers that are working in the municipality of Consolación del Sur. Along with forces from other provinces of the country, they collaborate without wasting time to achieve the necessary normality.

“The damages are concentrated in broken poles and cables on the ground; chainsaws were sent because the fallen trees hinder our work route. Once the debris is cleared, the cabling is placed and the telephone service is gradually restored. The energy sector will also be worked on. Our actions are also focused on revitalizing the cellular network that was damaged; although the most shocking thing has been the disaster caused in the outside plant,” engineer Nelson Francisco Reyes González, the director of the Territorial Division of ETECSA in Las Tunas, comments.

“The situation is really compromising. It is not the first time that we have assumed the task of helping some Cuban territory. ETECSA workers always get together and go to the place where the problem is, to work efficiently as soon as possible,” is the feeling of Pablo Vila Poll, a telecommunicator who traveled to western Cuba.

Pinar del Río has received the arms of the people from Las Tunas. Experiences from previous natural disasters confirm that the road to recovery is shorter if we remain together.