The cutting of energy sugarcane is among the preparations for the next harvest

A few days before starting the first milling of the 2022-2023 sugar harvest, at the Antonio Guiteras sugar mill in Puerto Padre, preparations are being made, including the cutting of energy sugarcane.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The completion of the areas of mills, tilters, and steam generation are among the tasks before beginning with the step that guarantees the energy for the starting.

“The cane must be ground and deposited in the bagasse house of the factory; then, in the remainder of the week, we will carry out the general tests of the sugar mill, and begin the alcohol production on the 15th," engineer Axel Peña Verde, administrator of the entity, explained.

This kind of cane "is the one used as fuel for boilers lighting and generate the steam that moves the turbochargers of our power plant, and thus produce energy."

Although it is thought that the power blackouts will not impact the sugar mills after the inauguration of the harvest, they could have an impact, especially at the time of production start-up, when it is necessary to use energy from the National Power Grid.