Workers of the legal sector donated blood to mark their National Day

June 8, the Day of the Jurist, was celebrated by members of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba. They developed a group of activities that went beyond the celebrations; they also carry out acts that speak of their human quality.

Las Tunas, Cuba - A blood bank was held at the headquarters of the Central Union of Cuban Workers, attended by workers of the Provincial People's Court, the Legal Consultancy, and other sector agencies.

Yusdel Galbán Vázquez works as a computer technician in the Legal Consultancy and says "The call was made in May, and I joined because I am part of the legal sector. This is my third opportunity to collaborate on this humane task, and I sincerely do it from the heart.

The lawyers also arrived at the Calixto Sarduy Arcia Psycho-pedagogical Center to continue their program of donations; in this case, personal hygiene and clothes to support the work in the health institution.

The Provincial Directorate of Collective Law Firms donated various-uses items.

"Since last May 1st we started the activities in salute to the date, the Provincial Directorate of Collective Law Firms arrived here with towels, sheets, and some necessary utensils for the care of these people with disabilities," said Miriam Castillo Hernandez, director of that entity in the province.

The effort of the jurists of the territory is arduous to leave a beautiful mark. Increasing the legal culture of the population and being sensitive to each of the cases that arise are duties they have as guarantors of the Law that are highlighted during this celebration and throughout the year.