The sail round to Cuba has arrived to the Bay of Puerto Padre.

Puerto Padre, in Las Tunas, has been the recent destination of the scientific expedition that develops the sail round to Cuba, to promote knowledge in Marine Sciences and, in particular, about coral reefs and sharks.

Havana, Cuba.- The crew of the Oceans for Youth ship and a team of 24 scientists and experts recently completed their work in Vita Bay, Holguín, as part of the incursion that began on July 18 in the Júcaro Marlin, located in the Jardines de la Reina archipelago.

This was reported on Facebook by the Naturaleza Secreta de Cuba TV program (Cuba’s Secret Nature), which dedicates a series to this scientific browsing, and broadcasts its chapters on the Educativo Channel.

Puerto Padre, one of the stops od the sail round expedition.

The Facebook page of the television space highlighted the beauty and adequate environmental conditions in the uncontaminated Vita Bay.

According to the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment (CITMA), the first results of the investigations in the province of Santiago de Cuba reflect health in the mangroves, diversity of corals, abundance of long-spined black urchins, and manatee sightings.

However, as negative findings, dead corals were detected due to high temperatures, and garbage and plastic on the seabed.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and president of the Republic, recently described this project -promoted by scientific and environmental institutions- as promising on his Twitter account.

The expedition will circumnavigate some 5,700 kilometers of the north and south coasts of the country, and according to the scientific leaders, Patricia González Díaz and Fabián Pina Amargós, thanks to this, for the first time there will be a complete photograph, in the entire Archipelago, of the state of health of corals, sharks, fish, urchins, water quality, microbiology and many other environmental parameters.


Aerial images of Puerto Padre, taken by drone, by the scientific
circumnavigating Cuba.