This period of repairs has been very difficult due to the material limitations.

The schedule for the preparation of trucks for the transportation of sugarcane for the upcoming harvest in Majibacoa is progressing ahead of schedule to date, with 27 of a total of 31 pieces of equipment repaired, despite the lack of essential resources for these tasks, such as electrodes, lubricants, and oxy-cutting modules.

Majibacoa, Las Tunas.- Marcos Samuel Bombín Galindo, chief technician of Transportation Exploitation at the basic unit (UBT in Spanish) TRANZMEC Majibacoa, told 26 that this period of repairs has been very difficult due to the material limitations they have faced in all areas.

"We are constantly in a 100-meter race with obstacles," he said, "but the will of the drivers and mechanics is so great that some have even put money out of their pockets to get the cars ready at the start of the race and that, without a doubt, demonstrates the high sense of belonging of the collective."

This period of repairs has been very difficult due to the material limitations Bombín Galindo also explained that, in addition to the problems mentioned, there is the late arrival of essential elements such as batteries and tires; however, "here is TRANZMEC, practically ready for the 2023-2024 harvest," assured the expert. This unit is responsible for guaranteeing more than 80 percent of the demand for raw materials to the Majibacoa sugar mill, and for this, they will have 26 trucks since five teams have to assume the transportation of the sugar cane filter cake, one of the solid wastes from the sugar manufacturing process, which will become recyclable material in the refined wax plant of the sugar mill, the only one of its kind in Cuba, and with great demand in European markets.

The UBT multiplies its missions during these months, since in addition to the preparation of its machinery for the next sugar campaign, it is also responsible for the transportation of the basic food basket to the five eastern Cuban provinces, the supply of flour to the bakeries and animal feed to the pig and poultry units in Las Tunas.

This group of workers has a great responsibility on their shoulders, but it has always been like this, they have never failed and, this time, they will not fail either.