Las Tunas authorities toured different areas at the Majibacoa sugar mill

The repair schedule is below what was estimated to date at the Majibacoa sugar mill, as a consequence of the lack of electrodes and gases for the oxyfuel cutting equipment, its managers explained to Manuel Pérez Gallego, first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) in Las Tunas.

Majibacoa, Las Tunas.- The governor, Jaime Chiang Vega, as well as the highest political and governmental authorities in the municipality were also present on the tour of decisive areas in the industry.

“How much do you earn per month and what food do you have guaranteed to work until 7:00 at night?” These questions were the most repeated by Pérez Gallego when he arrived at each area.

Repairs are underway but much effort is needed.In the exchanges, the political leader learned that average salaries are around eight thousand pesos per worker, and food has not been lacking, but the scarcity of irreplaceable resources prevents each day the repairs from advancing as much as required.

“Despite the material limitations, the will of the group is ahead in the battle, although it cannot be denied that 70 percent of the machinery recovery work depends on imports,” several specialists assured.

Given the tense situation, Pérez Gallega called “to draw up a strategy in which activities that only depend on personnel are prioritized since, at some point, they will have the missing inputs, mainly electrodes, and industrial gases.”

“The ‘Majibacoa’ has to be the first to start the sugarcane milling in Cuba,” he said; a requirement from which the commitment to overcome obstacles by dint of courage emanated, in a harvest that will once again be haunted by old enemies of the sugar producers, such as the deficit of fresh cane, the technological obsolescence of transportation, low agricultural, yields and the time lost in the manufacturing process as an outcome.

The repair of cutting and transport equipment is also not taking solid steps, except for TRANZMEC, the unit responsible for transporting 80 percent of the more than 300 thousand tons of cane that the mill must process in the upcoming harvest.

The sowing plan in the current stage exceeds 80 percent so far, and the fulfillment of what was planned is announced, excellent news to celebrate in the 2024-2025 harvest since there is no longer enough time for this one.

For the campaign, which must begin here on January 10, 74 days of milling have been scheduled, with a plan of 23,310 tons of sugar, and the contribution of honey to the distillery of the Antonio Guiteras sugar company, in Puerto Padre.